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8 Steps to Recover From Losing Your Job

8 Steps to Recover From Losing Your Job

Recovery from dismissal is not easy because it affects self-esteem, personal finances and confidence about future employment prospects.

You may think that your chances of finding a new job are slim at the moment, but a dismissal may be a unique opportunity to find a new professional challenge, reassess your career, or even consider a change in your career path.


Robert Walters, a specialist recruitment and selection consultant for middle and senior management positions, has prepared an eight-step guide to help you overcome a dismissal and find a new career path.

Refocus your thinking

Being fired can trigger intense emotions that lead to hasty actions one can regret. Maintaining a calm, methodical and logical attitude will help you to concentrate and move forward in a proactive way. A dismissal is a business decision, so it is essential not to take it personally. In these increasingly uncertain times, the restructuring of a company can be crucial to its survival. So do not think that the decision to let it go is a reflection of your ability or the value you add. It is simply a business decision, and understanding this will help you to proceed with your professional life more quickly and objectively.

Get organised

As soon as you know that your dismissal is imminent, start organizing yourself to promote your professional career. You should communicate with your superior and ask for references that you can share with your future employers. Also make sure you get all the necessary documentation and missing payments, which may be more difficult once you have left the company.

Take your time

One of the most important things now is not to panic, as this can cause you to make a wrong decision for yourself and your career. The instinctive reaction is to feel that you need to find work immediately, but in a dismissal it is advisable to use the time and financial compensation to think carefully about your next step. Enjoy it!

Re-evaluate yourself

A dismissal is a very difficult situation to take on, but it can also be an excellent opportunity to make positive changes. Take the time to reassess your career. The new balance between your professional and personal life can be a good help in identifying what you are looking for in your next job.

For example, you may wish to have more flexibility than in your previous company. In addition, time and unemployment benefit can give you the impetus to make bold changes you have previously dreamed of, such as making a career change, going back to school or getting full-time training.

Stay connected

One of the main fears many people have in relation to redundancies is to lose contact with colleagues, companies and professionals in their industry, but this does not have to happen. There are various ways of maintaining relations with the people around them. Your acquaintances can introduce you to new contacts, but don’t stop networking, looking for new contacts and relying on social networks to stay active.

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Update your CV

Once you have decided on your next step, invest time and energy in updating your CV and profile on professional social networks like LinkedIn. Highlight the most relevant skills, the functions developed successfully, as well as the greatest professional successes and your professional trajectory. However, do not be evasive about your professional situation: when it comes to dismissals, it is always better to be honest with those in charge of selection.

Get in touch with recruiters

Returning to the labour market can cause discouragement, especially in these uncertain times as a consequence of the pandemic. Getting in touch with a recruitment company can make your job search much easier to manage and is therefore advisable. A recruiter will not only be able to give you advice regarding your CV and interview techniques, but will also have the most valuable information about the current labour market. In addition, it could give you access to positions that are not being advertised publicly.

Keep an open mind and be optimistic

When it comes to looking for work, it is important to remember that the opportunity you are looking for may take some time to present itself, so try to be flexible with your expectations. On the other hand, your search may present you with functions that you had not previously considered. Keep an open mind and evaluate each opportunity well.


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