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5 Key Factors You Should Consider Before Applying For A Job In 2023

5 Key Factors You Should Consider Before Applying For A Job In 2023

When applying for a job or accepting an offer, you need to think about much more than just the remuneration or benefits package. A full-time job occupies at least one-third of your day and one-third of your entire lifetime. Over that period, you will experience significant changes to your personal life, such as getting married, raising a family, starting a side hustle, undertaking a master’s, health changes, or finally discovering your passion. This makes it even more essential to not fall into the habit of “panic-applying,” that is, applying for jobs in a hurry or at random just because they pay a decent salary.

Before you waste your time any further in applying to job postings, only to realize that the employer or the role itself sucks after several rounds of interviews or six months of working there…STOP.

Take a breather and reflect on this momentous decision you’re about to undertake. Read on for five considerations you should weigh up before hitting “apply”.

Career progression

Does the prospective employer offer a well-structured, solid career progression plan and opportunities for you to grow and develop within your career? Or are they averse to hiring and promoting from within? Do they have a rigorous system in place for career development? Or do they keep employees at the same level for three, four, five, or even ten years?

To obtain the answer to these questions, do a bit of research and dig around their Glassdoor page to see employee reviews and feedback. You can also check the careers page of their website. If this is something employers offer and are passionate about, they will boast about it all over their careers site.

However, the best way to obtain this pertinent information is to gather it directly from the source—that is, connect and network with prior and existing employees via LinkedIn. Tell them that you are interested in applying for a role within their company, and ask them to tell you from their own experience, what it is like working there and if career progression and continuous learning opportunities are high on their organization’s priority.

Work/life balance

Does the employer actively promote employee wellbeing holistically and in actual practice, and do their benefits on offer reflect this?

Beyond the employer, you also need to consider if the role itself is conducive to your wellbeing. Some roles can be more demanding and fast-paced than others.

Be realistic and ask yourself what levels of high-pressure, high-stress environments you can handle. As I pointed out in my recent article on 10, Low-Stress, Easy Jobs That Pay Well In 2023, always bear in mind that what may be considered easy for one, is not easy for another, and what might be significantly overwhelming for one, is a breeze for another. It doesn’t imply that you’re incapable, it simply indicates that you have a unique set of demands and your body has set levels of handling pressure that should be appreciated and respected.

Company stability

If the organization is a start-up, what has been their financial backing and what is their anticipated growth trajectory over the next few years? Are they a fast-evolving organization with ambitious, well-mapped plans to expand into other markets?

And if the organization has been in existence for quite some time, what are they doing to weather the aftermath of the pandemic including any financial setbacks and increased costs of supplies? Are there looming layoffs on the horizon?

Sometimes you may not be able to access all of this information from the offset before applying, but you can and should be intentional to ask such questions in your job interviews, so that you avoid throwing yourself into an unnecessary crisis.

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Workplace culture

Is the company culture one that you could see yourself thriving in? Do they align with your core values? Workplace culture is ultimately set from the top, through policies and practices that the senior leaders and managers allow to go unnoticed or to be addressed.

You can assess if the culture is a good fit for you through perusing their values statement on the careers page of their website. Sometimes they will proudly showcase their values in the job posting as well. You could also network with their current employees to understand what the culture is like and discover employee reviews online through sites such as Glassdoor, Indeed, and Comparably.

The employer’s treatment of you throughout the application process is another strong indicator of their culture, offering you invaluable insight into their ethics, respect (or lack of it) for their employees and candidates, and any outdated processes of working or refusal to adopt change.

Management style

The company’s management style can have a direct impact on your career progression and mental health outlook.

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For example, if the managers are haphazard in their communications with their direct reports and fail to inform employees of business updates or performance issues until the very last minute, this will reflect in the staff turnover count. This in turn, can be a tell-tale sign that their management practices need to significantly improve, to enhance employee experience and retain talent.

You can analyze staff turnover data using sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor, to compare the number of negative reviews.

When work feels like a vacation
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Overall, there are many factors to consider before and throughout the job application process. A job is much more than a tool to make money. It impacts your quality of living, major life changes such as moving house, your wellbeing, and career progression. With so much at stake, approach this costly decision with caution and forethought, taking into consideration all factors listed above so that you can truly enjoy a thriving career for the remaining third of your life.




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