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Three Reasons Why Too Much Freedom From Your Manager Is A Red Flag

Three Reasons Why Too Much Freedom From Your Manager Is A Red Flag

Many employees complain about micromanaging from their managers or supervisors. A recent poll by Monster revealed that 73% of its respondents say micromanaging is the biggest workplace “red flag”, with 46% admitting that it would be a reason for them to leave.

On the contrary, too much freedom may also negatively affect the employees and the company. Although it could be exciting to explore new things and implement unconventional practices to see if they work, too much independence and lack of guidance may also have adverse outcomes. Here are three reasons why too much freedom at work is just as bad as micromanaging:

It Shows That Your Manager Doesn’t Care

Being able to work independently is one of the traits managers look for in their new hires so they can entrust parts of the operation to their team members. However, too much freedom to work on tasks independently leads to little to no collaboration and teamwork, eventually leading to duplication of efforts and a lack of synergy.

This also shows that your manager is only focused on their projects and meeting only their own KPIs instead of keeping tabs on team members and discussing group efforts to achieve a common goal. A study by the Pew Research Center shows that employees who rate their managers as excellent or very good to work for are those who set high standards but also help them grow in their jobs or careers.

So, instead of going for a manager who could throw you under the bus when a project fails because they only let you work on your own, you might want to look for managers who can strike a balance between caring and being open and flexible to new ideas.

You Don’t Get Feedback

Nearly all employees, at 96%, say that getting regular feedback is a good thing. Especially when you’re starting a new job, getting feedback from your manager can help you navigate corporate life better and improve your output. Feedback can come in the form of one-on-one discussion, performance review, or simple weekly team catch-up or check-ups to discuss what you’ve been doing and what you want to or will be working on.

Not receiving adequate feedback may lead employees to make the same mistakes or exhibit behaviors that don’t align with the company’s goals. Managers play a critical role in providing their team members with timely and constructive feedback so that they thrive and grow professionally toward the path they want to take instead of straying away from it.

If your manager is not setting aside time to give you feedback, you should discuss this with them to find a compromise or seek advice from other people in managerial positions to help you improve your work.

You Won’t Be Rewarded For Your Good Work

If you work in an environment with too much freedom, your good work will likely also go unnoticed. Without constant communication with your manager, it will be difficult for management to track your progress and reward your hard work.

A study by Deloitte showed that employee engagement, productivity, and performance are 14% better in companies that recognize their employees’ work than in those that don’t. So, it’s important to put yourself in an environment where your work will be recognized to continue pursuing your growth.

Also, to excel in your career and move up the corporate ladder, you need a manager who will vouch for you. If your manager doesn’t know (or care about) what you’re doing or the projects you’re working on, that is definitely a red flag. Then, you should try to find other people in managerial roles to guide you or have a mentor to support you.

While some degree of autonomy is important to foster creativity and innovation in the workplace, more freedom with clear expectations and communication can help your professional growth. Finding the right balance between freedom and accountability ensures that your efforts are guided, acknowledged, and rewarded appropriately.

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