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LAM Cuts Ticket Prices By 30%

LAM Cuts Ticket Prices By 30%

LAM – Mozambique Airlines S.A. has announced that it has reduced the price of air tickets by thirty percent (30%), in six destinations.

According to the company, which is undergoing a restructuring process, the reduction in the cost of tickets is a measure to optimise the cost of air tickets which in this first phase covers customers on flights to and from Maputo, Beira, Pemba, Tete, Vilankulo and Johannesburg.

LAM also indicates that to benefit from the reduction, customers must purchase tickets as of 25 May 2023 for flights to be made from 1 July of the current year onwards.

The list provided by LAM of routes that will receive the airfare reduction, in the order of 30%, is as follows:

Maputo / Beira / Maputo
Maputo / Vilankulo / Maputo
Maputo / Tete / Maputo
Maputo / Pemba / Maputo
Maputo / Johannesburg / Maputo
For LAM, the action is part of its bet to make air tickets more accessible to the market.

It is recalled that at the time of the announcement of LAM’s restructuring measures, the Minister of Transport and Communications, Mateus Magala challenged LAM to “practice appetizing prices”.

On that occasion the Minister of Transport and Communications, Mateus Magala, argued that it was necessary to apply prices that could make Mozambican air space accessible to the population, which currently does not happen due to the high prices charged by Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique (LAM) for air tickets.

“I have never hidden this and I have always been open. The prices that are made in Mozambique could be better. For a competitive environment, I believe that the values that LAM practices are not appetising. They do not do the company proud, since they scare away passengers,” he said.

According to the minister, the government intends, through competition incentives and good management, to bring prices that can make national air space accessible to the entire population.

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The minister also said on the same occasion that, with the new management, LAM is expected, above all, to reposition itself, which involves “designing routes, fleets, incentives for affordable prices that encourage people to use its aircraft.

He also defended the need for the new management of the national air carrier to be guided by discipline and professionalism.

“I think that this is what will bring a new approach and hope of having our flag flying well, through LAM,” he stressed.


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