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LAM Can Now Fly to More Angolan Destinations Than Luanda

LAM Can Now Fly to More Angolan Destinations Than Luanda

The Mozambican and Angolan aviation institutions signed a partnership on Wednesday (10) to explore more destinations in order to satisfy growing demand and boost economic development between the two countries.

According to the Mozambican President of the National Civil Aviation Institute (IACM), João de Abreu, under the memorandum, Mozambican Airlines (LAM) will be able to extend its flights beyond the Angolan capital Luanda and fly to other provincial capitals.

He also said that the same applies to Angola Airlines (TAAG), which already has the freedom to extend its flights to more Mozambican locations.

“There will be no problems if one day TAAG wants to fly to Beira or Pemba and, in reciprocity, just as there will be no problems if we want to fly to one of the big airports that exists now – Agostinho Neto,” he explained.

For her part, the chairmans of Angola’s National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC), Amélia Kuvíngua, said that the document signed formalises the sharing of flights between passengers of the two operators bound for certain points in Africa or the rest of the world, where one or other company is operating.

“The aviation authorities of the two countries are working well in line with the policy of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), allowing no country to be left behind. With this co-operation, we will complement each other and fill the existing gaps,” he said.

Kuvíngua pointed out that the memorandum establishes the terms and conditions under which the parties will be able to expand and deepen technical cooperation actions and exchange knowledge and best practices with regard to the development, modernisation, operation and maintenance of the civil aviation system in both countries.

The source also emphasised that even before this agreement was formalised, Mozambique had already been playing an important role, in particular its collaboration during the 2022 ICAO audit.


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