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Small Producers Lose USD 175 Million for Lack of Market

Small Producers Lose USD 175 Million for Lack of Market

Small producers lost, in 2020, over 175 million dollars due to the deterioration of agricultural products, after the harvest, in the country.

The calculations are from the Mozambique Chamber of Commerce, which indicates that if the losses had not occurred, producers would have saved 22 billion meticais.

Hipólito Hamela, financial advisor of the Mozambican Chamber of Commerce, says that the situation has worsened the cost of living of small farmers.

Given this scenario, the United Nations, through the World Food Program, is carrying out the initiative ‘Zero Post Harvest Losses’, which is already in its second phase.

The program, which had its first edition in the Province of Tete, is producing positive results, as explained by Adilson Mangueze, project coordinator.

According to the World Food Program, most of the post-harvest losses in the country happen due to poor storage, hence the need to introduce new ways to accumulate the agricultural surplus.

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This issue is attracting the attention of operators in the agribusiness value chain, who are meeting today in Maputo at the launch of debate sessions organized by AgriMag.

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