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Royal Group Complains of “Huge Losses” in Dispute Over Boer Beans

Royal Group Complains of “Huge Losses” in Dispute Over Boer Beans

Royal Group Limitada (RGL) said on Monday 22 January that it is making “big losses” due to the fact that its competitor ETG has asked for 250 containers to be unloaded from a ship in the port of Nacala, claiming that it is a cargo of bóer beans that it owns.

“We have the product out here, and we’re adding up to big losses. This action proves once again that we are facing a false accusation to tarnish the good name of Royal Group,” said Rui Domingos, the company’s representative.

ETG recently asked the Mozambican authorities to halt the export of 250 RGL containers for inspection and verification of the goods, on suspicion that the competitor was exporting bore beans and other cargo worth 70 million dollars.

At issue is a dispute that has been going on for months and which has already led ETG to file an injunction, complaining that its cargo at the port of Nacala has been appropriated by competitor RGL.

According to Rui Domingos, so far at least 15 containers have been unloaded and no bore beans have been found in any of them. He lamented the loss of the contract with the buyer of the product due to the ship’s delay.

“We have the containers unloaded, as you can see. We are confirming the product, and what we have here is holoco beans and not bóer beans as they said we were exporting,” said the source.

Despite the fact that there has been no evidence of illegal export of bóer beans in RGL’s goods, the ETG conglomerate insists that all 250 containers on the ship be unloaded and checked.

In October 2022, the Nampula Provincial Court ordered the suspension of all exports by ETG and other groups also accused by RGL in this case.


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