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Government and Partners Organise National Coffee Festival

Government and Partners Organise National Coffee Festival

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADER), in partnership with the MozBio2 project, the International Coffee Organisation (ICO), the Mozambican Coffee Growers Association (AMOCAFÉ), the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and the Italian Development Cooperation Agency are organising the Maputo Coffee Festival in Mozambique for the first time, the Agência de Informação de Moçambique (AIM) reported on Wednesday.

According to the agency, the event, which will take place on 14 and 15 June, is taking place at a time when national coffee production has been gaining notoriety, with more than five thousand local farmers and more than ten companies in the provinces of Maputo in the south, Sofala, Manica, Tete and Zambézia in the centre and Cabo Delgado in the north.

The organisers’ statement mentions that for small farmers, coffee production has been a source of income diversification and the adoption of conservation agriculture practices, preserving the forest and its rich biodiversity.

“The Coffee Festival will take place at the Montebelo Indy (Maputo Congress Hotel) in Maputo. It will be led by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Celso Ismael Correia, and will feature a packed programme of lectures, demonstration sessions and an exhibition fair, providing a platform for discussion and exploration of crucial issues related to the production, processing and consumption of coffee,” says the press release, quoted by AIM.

Among the various activities planned during the festival, the publication of the Practical Guide – Growing Coffee under an Agroforestry System in Mozambique, recently produced by the TriCafé programme, a collaboration between Mozambique, Brazil and Portugal, will be launched and presented by Fábio Partelli, from the Federal University of Espírito Santo.

According to the organisation, by connecting the main players in this chain, the Maputo Coffee Festival will strengthen the links needed to create a market that strives for consistency, quality and the establishment of commercial agreements between brands and related products.

It should be noted that, given the potential for coffee production and the search for higher value markets, Mozambique joined the International Coffee Agreement in 2023, in an act led by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Celso Ismael Correia, at the International Coffee Organisation’s headquarters in London, UK. This was an important step towards exposing the country to partnerships that will help make Mozambique’s coffee sector more competitive in the world.


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