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Gaza: French Entrepreneurs Invest $20M to Upgrade Chicken Processing Plant

Gaza: French Entrepreneurs Invest $20M to Upgrade Chicken Processing Plant

French businessmen are investing 20 million dollars in the expansion and modernisation of an industrial chicken production and processing unit located in the Bilene district, Gaza province, southern Mozambique.

This is a venture belonging to the company Maeva Chicken, which, on the basis of the investment, intends to transform the poultry sector and increase chicken slaughtering capacity in the region.

According to Semanário Económico, the information was made public during a recent working visit to the site by the Minister of Industry and Trade, Silvino Moreno, who emphasised the importance of the infrastructure for the country’s economic development and for generating jobs for young people.

“With the completion of the work and the start of activities scheduled for this January, the slaughtering capacity will increase from five to 50,000 birds a day. In addition, the number of jobs will be increased from 69 to 350, representing a significant boost for the local economy,” said the government official.

According to Silvino Moreno, the development “will not only meet growing local demands, but also project positive prospects for the sector’s growth, fuelling expectations of a more prosperous future for the southern region”.


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