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Gaza: Fish Sales Gain Over 1.5M Meticals

Gaza: Fish Sales Gain Over 1.5M Meticals

The commercialization of fishery products in the province of Gaza yielded, last year, 1,5 million of meticals, of which 300 million of meticais resulting from the sale of marine species.

In order to obtain this amount, 21,700 tonnes of fish were caught, out of a plan of 21,150 tonnes projected, which represents an achievement of over 100% compared to the same period of 2021.

The results were presented last Thursday, June 8, by Jacinto Tualufo, representing the Secretary of State in Gaza province, as part of the Oceans Day celebrations.

At the time, the source said that the overall production of the fishing sector in the province was 21,700 tons, of which 4251 came from marine species, representing a contribution of 23%.

Tualufo also said that the state collected, in the period under review, with the licensing of fishing activities, about two million meticais, having exceeded the plan of 1.6 million meticais, also noting the need to preserve, protect and raise awareness about the harmful consequences that may result from negative actions on the oceans. “We have to preserve our home, planet Earth, since our negative actions on the oceans have repercussions here, with a devastating impact,” he said.


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