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Cashew Nut Price to Drop by Two Meticais in The Next Marketing Campaign

Cashew Nut Price to Drop by Two Meticais in The Next Marketing Campaign

This Monday, October 2, the Mozambican government set the reference price for cashew nuts at 35 meticais per kilogram for the next marketing year 2023-24.

The decision was announced this Monday, October 2, in Maputo, during the first session of the almond committee, which brought together several producers from the Cashew Industrialists Association and the Almond Institute of Mozambique.

As a result, a kilogram of raw cashew nuts should be bought from the producer at a price of 35 meticais, a relatively low price compared to the last season, which was 37 meticais.

According to the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Olegário Banze, who chaired the meeting, the decision took into account the need to maintain a balance throughout the nut production chain so that no segments are harmed.

As for the producers’ representative, Elídio Dias, the agreed price list is acceptable, although it is not what is desired, taking into account the producers’ real costs. The source reiterated that his group would like it to be bought at at least 37 meticais per kilogram, to improve the producers’ income.

“At first there was no consensus, but the producers eventually gave in, from 37 to 35 meticais. So I wouldn’t say we’re satisfied, because even 37 meticais didn’t respond to what the real cost of the product is,” said Elídio Dias, quoted by the Mozambican Information Agency (AIM).

For his part, the director-general of the National Almond Institute, Ilídio Bande, said that the price was set based on international market conditions. “When the campaign actually starts, the market will be able to tell us more about the effectiveness or otherwise of the price set,” said Ilídio Bande.

Currently, India and Vietnam are considered to be the main destinations for cashew nuts, and they therefore have a major influence on market prices.

In Mozambique, cashew production is considered strategic for the economy, given that it is a source of income for more than 1.4 million small producers, as well as generating other types of services such as spraying.


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