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BoM: Banana Exports From Mozambique Down to a Six-Year Low of $32.3M in 2023

BoM: Banana Exports From Mozambique Down to a Six-Year Low of $32.3M in 2023

Data from the Bank of Mozambique (BoM) indicates that the volume of banana exports by Mozambique, one of the world’s 30 largest producers, fell in 2023 to 32.3 million dollars (2 billion meticals), the lowest figure in more than six years, Lusa news agency reported on Monday, 6 May.

According to the central bank, this performance compares with a volume of 41.4 million dollars (2.6 billion meticals) in 2022, practically identical to 2021, while in 2017 exports yielded 32.8 million dollars (2 billion meticals).

Lusa explains that businesspeople have warned of the possibility of a shortage of agricultural products in the south of the country in the coming weeks, due to the consequences of successive floods, admitting that prices will rise and pointing to difficulties in the banana sector.

‘We’re going to try to manage it as best we can with the Ministry and also with the institutions that monitor the situation so that this doesn’t happen. But you know it’s a reality and it’s hard to escape. Product shortages always bring this situation,’ Maria Assunção Abdula, vice-president of the Mozambican Confederation of Economic Associations (CTA), said recently at a press conference in Maputo.

‘Revenues for 2024 are already highly jeopardised due to excessive rains and winds which, as well as causing direct damage, are also leading to the emergence of many pests.’

Maria Assunção Abdula

Maputo province and other southern regions have been affected since last month by successive heavy rains and winds, which have caused several floods, conditioning various activities. Government figures show that in 2021 Maputo province alone had 22 private companies involved in banana production, 80 per cent of which was exported to other African countries.

In 2021, that province guaranteed the production of 249,829 tonnes, in an area of 5,141 hectares. Of these, 4719 hectares were exploited by private commercial companies and the rest by small producers, mostly from the family sector.

‘Fruit production contributes 3.9 per cent to the overall value of agricultural production in this part of the country. This sector is one of the biggest generators of direct employment, with an average of 1.3 workers/hectare, which means around 6,100 direct jobs and 11,000 indirect jobs, totalling 17,100 workers,’ the same government report states, with data for 2021.


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