Angola Showcases Mining Potential at Industry Conference in South Africa

Angola is presenting its mining potential at the Mining INDABA 2023 Conference in South Africa, also promoting the minerals required for energy transition, the Angolan Minister of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas…


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Construction & Infrastucture

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Books Sold and Exchanged on the Pavements of Maputo

Bookshops are a scarce resource in the Mozambican capital, but there are pavements covered with used books, in the open air, on different corners of the city, to meet the needs of those looking for works of the most varied genres. At these…

Why Up and Coming Mozambique Has the Perfect Blend of Surf, City and Safari

Washed clean by a high tide overnight, the long, empty stretch of sand running along Maputo Bay is remarkably pristine. Only one set of prints runs from the sand dunes, considerably larger than my own. “I dream of finding an elephant down here,”…

5 Stunning Beaches in East Africa Worth a Family Visit

Besides being a wildlife destination, East Africa has recently gained a reputation for having some of the best beaches on the continent. These beaches are more than just a paradise of turquoise waters and white sands. They are a perfect place to relax…

Invisible” Youngsters Gain Face in the 2022 Edition of Mozambique Fashion Week

This year’s edition of the fashion week in Mozambique was marked by a parade of boys, adolescents and young people who live on the streets of Maputo. This is a solidarity initiative that brings together various institutions and seeks to give visibility to…



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